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Current and recent archival and research projects

Projects: Text
Avril A gay village

I am currently researching a rare archive belonging to my late aunt, Avril Eventhal, who, as Avril A, was an eccentric and much-loved performer in the Gay Village in Manchester in the ‘80s and ‘90s. I am organising the vast amount of fascinating material left behind when she died to make it available to researchers and academics, and ultimately to develop an exhibition exploring her life and career. Please get in touch if you knew Avril or if you are interested in being involved as a project partner. Click here to find out more and view a selection of the material.




Research Partner

Staging Difficult Pasts is an AHRC-funded project examining how theatres and museums shape public memory of difficult pasts. The project is a collaboration between the Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance at Royal Holloway, University of London, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London and various other international institiutions and practitioners.

As one of the research partners I worked with the Parque de la Memoria - Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism in Buenos Aires to explore connections between my curatorial practice and cultural memory in post-dictatorship Argentina. In November 2019 I delivered lectures and workshops to the museum, arts, human rights, and academic communities in Buenos Aires. My presentation 'Exhibiting Absence and Loss: Objects, Narratives and Trauma on Display' can be viewed here.

​​IMAGE: Federico Lo Bianco



Research for new permanent galleries

In 2021 the Imperial War Museum opened their new Holocaust galleries. My research involved sourcing narrative content, archival material and audio-visual assets for use in gallery exhibits and digital interactives.

IMAGE: Pages from the diary of Adam Czerniaków

Windrush protest


Immigration History installation

(postponed due to COVID-19)

I have been commissioned by the Migration Museum in London to curate a display for their new home in Lewisham Shopping Centre, telling the story of migration to the UK. The timeline will cover centuries of history, tracing a line through the ‘long-view’ of this fascinating story and debunking the myth that immigration to this country is a recent phenomenon.

IMAGE: Windrush Scandal protest, London, 28 April 2018. Photo by Steven Eason

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